iSCSI LUN Snapshots
Stable, fast and capacity-saving
ASUSTOR’s snapshot technology provides almost instantaneous creation of snapshots. It saves a significant amount of time and storage capacity when compared with traditional LUN backups.
Should files become damaged or corrupted, the simple and intuitive interface allows administrators to quickly restore data, completing disaster recovery in the fastest time possible and providing uninterrupted service.
Move between snapshot versions with ease
Each individual LUN supports up to 256 snapshot versions. A snapshot manager is also provided, allowing users to easily view the creation time of each snapshot in one glance without needing to worry about the frequent creation of snapshots putting extra load on the system or causing complications with management. Speedy snapshot restoration also allows users to easily change between different historical snapshot versions, giving them the power to fully grasp the past, present and future of their data.
Internal Backup
Ideal off-site backup solution
Using the internal backup function allows users to completely utilize the SATA interface’s 6Gbps high speed transfers to backup data to MyArchive hard disks. No matter if it’s confidential data storage or the archiving of video recording files, all can be scheduled to be backed up to MyArchive hard disks and then transferred to a secure location for safekeeping, meeting the goals of limitless expansion and off-site backup.
Network Recycle Bin
Enhanced Recycle Bin mechanism
The Network Recycle Bin mechanism has been updated in ADM 2.5 and is now based on individual shared folders rather than storage volumes. According to their needs, users can decide whether or not to enable a Network Recycle Bin for each individual shared folder, enjoying added configuration flexibility. Files that are moved to the Recycle Bin maintain their original directory structure, allowing added convenience should users need to search for already deleted files. The simple one-click restore function will restore selected files to their original directory path while conveniently maintaining all properties and permissions settings.
Supports scheduled emptying and file filtering rules
Configuring scheduled emptying for Recycle Bins allows your NAS to empty Recycle Bins regularly, releasing previously used storage capacity. Should users still be worried about accidentally deleting files, filtering rules can allow specific file types to be maintained, allowing the permanent deletion of these file types to be decided by system administrators.
DataSync for Microsoft OneDrive
A new choice for creating a hybrid cloud
Installing the OneDrive App on ASUSTOR NAS, will allow users to combine the cloud storage service with their personal storage. Supported transfer modes include NAS uploading/downloading to Microsoft OneDrive and a two-way synchronization mode which help to meet a variety of needs including data backup, data sharing and remote access.
1. This App does not support OneDrive for Business
2. Microsoft OneNote files and individual files larger than 10GB will not be able to be backed up.
Highly flexible personalized settings
Each individual ADM account can log into a OneDrive account and can configure synchronized folders, file filters, bandwidth control settings and more, maximizing the use of cloud resources.
Syslog Server
Effectively simplifying network management
Syslog Server supports standard Syslog protocols and can centrally aggregate system logs that are spread out over various network devices for storage and management. Furthermore, Syslog Server integrates with the NAS’s Instant Notification function, allowing administrators to receive e-mails or SMS notifications when specified events occur, in order to quickly employ appropriate measures.

Supports log archiving
Most network devices provide only a limited number of system logs. When a problem occurs, sometimes there is a lack of historical data required for appropriate analysis. Syslog server provides an automatic log archive function that archives logs according to size, number or time. 
Archived logs can be conveniently accessed, with Syslog Server retaining the last 3 archived logs that have been accessed for quick viewing. The advanced search function can also be used to find required logs, increasing the efficiency of network maintenance.
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